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My Sparkle Challenge Entry for Sherri Baldy Challenge

Hi All,
I'm Still on holidays down south  R & R. Lol my dinning Table is full of Copic's, Cardstock & Bling. You think I've done enough cards to last a lifetime in the last month. But the weather this morning was not perfect - Rain Rain Rain - Now at 5pm we have blue Skys and sunshine.
So I decided to go back and do what I love to do.... Enter Challenges.
The Card is So sparkley but with the light here I could no capture the sparkles perfect. Cathedral Ceilings don't Help. I used my Copic Airbrush with Clear Spica to finish of the Sparkle effect. and also Spica the Background.
I named Her "Forever Jane" 
Lots of Copic Colours included..
Hair - E44,E43,E41 Dress - R29,R14,R02,R12 Stockings - B60,BV01. Shoes W7,W5,W3. Wings - BG000,BG34,BG13 LOTS AND LOTS OF SPICA.... Roses from my collections of flowers.

Have a great Easter Monday.
Nannymac (Jane McNally)…

Mad for Markers DT Design Autumn

Hi All,

What a hectic month I leave behind. But it was all worth it. This Months Challenge is all about the coming change of seasons   "AUTUMN THEME"
Some people come into your life for a SEASON,
because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.
They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it. It is real. But only for a season.
My DT Card is "Remember" - Children having a secret garden (I know I did).
Digital Digi Stamps Big Eye Big Head Dolls Digi "My Besties"  By Sherri Baldy
Paper - Graphic 45 - Secret Garden Charms - Charmaholic Flowers - own. Words - Dusty Attic 
Copic Combinations used.
Skin - E000,E11,BV000,R30 Hair - Girl E30,E50,E53,E55,E57 Hair - Boy - E44,E43,E41 Clothing - Autumn tones - Girl Dress Y02 Y38,Y16,Y07 Pants & Cardigan - E02,E97,E07,E08,E19 Head Band BG000,BG13,BG49 Cothing Boy - Overalls - BG78,BG75,BG7…

White Sands Festival Husskisson NSW

Well today was our first ever Markets stall, all the hours I put in really shows tonight. I,m a little worn out.
Many comments on my Cards & Book marks amazed that they were coloured by me.

I'm please with today and so is hubbie. we set out to have fun. Let people know I'm coming down south and setting up my next dream. A Studio... Hubbies Garden flat is going crafty..... lol. I think Ive picked up some ladies very very interested in learning the art.

A few demo's today showing technique I was taught...
Wonderful response.

PS Weather was perfect but I'm sunburnt....

A New Challenge.... COPIC CANDLES

Well its been around for a long time, but I first new about this Technique at Standard Certification...
Hum thought I'd try and create this little master piece start to get a bit daring with the heat gun!!!

I have seen past blogs with how to and now its my turn!!!

Well to create these Candles your ingredients will be:
White Tissue Paper Grease Proof Paper Your trustly Heat Gun.... Copic Markers Your Favorite Image Stamp or Digi. (I will get to that). and paitence.....
Firstly you will need to stamp your image on Tissue paper using Memento Ink Only Ink to use with Copic. Or Be daring like me!!! and use one of your many digi's
I taped Tissue paper to A4 Cardstock and feed it through my printer. Ironing out the creased first. make sure your digi is not lined at the top more to the middle of the tissue paper. for perfect results. I played with this method a few times.
then colour your image please ensure you are using your backing board. as the ink will seep through.. No need …

My Week!!!!!!

Well the past week has come and gone... Been Very eventful in this household...
I somehow - No idea had the worst Panic Attack!!!!

Day started out perfect!!! Great Sleep, no barking dogs through the night, no snoring husband!!! wonderful.
Dressed went to work and my morning was perfect!
Then all of a sudden I had trouble breathing/pains in chest and thought!! OMG.

Im not one for a audience so I quickly excused myself from work saying I felt ill.. and drove home!!! worst mistake!!! I arrived home and the pain was sickening!!! rang hubbie who was 3 hours away. He said just go lie down and it should past! lol no I passed out instead!!! I tried again to ring him!!! when I came through to  say think I need a ambulance and he was hum.... mowing the lawn. no answer!!! I called the ambulance myself! sitting on the floor in my hallway wondering WTF is going on...

Well off I went in the ambulance, no family just me!! and 2 sweet ambulance attendants who calm me down and then the hos…

Copic Certification Weekend

Well What a Eventful, Learning curve I took this weekend. I so proud not only did I achieve My
                       Copic Standard Certification but also My Intermediate Copic Certification.

So much information, so many new idea's so much Learnt, Taken in and absorbed. Id like to Thank Our Educator!!! Mandie Lee. What a wonderful teacher hope our paths meet again one day. Thank you.
I now know more about the products I sell and use. My knowledge I can give to all.
I am addicted!!!!
Next Air Brushing!!!

Another favorite from Kenny K Designs

Well today I managed 1 card.... So that's a total of 36 x 6x6 I have made....for markets... This one is cute.

More Creations made for Markets

Well I have 4 nails left on my fingers, very sore!!! Promise tomorrow to have some timeout and get them fixed!!! Cant work without them.

Of To the stitches and craft Show @ Rosehill with My Hubbie tomorrow just for a short time I promised. LOL Wonder what goodie bags & Ideas I will bring home to create. Thanks Forever For changing Poppy's mind.....

Today I completed the first round of 6 x 6 cards, I colored all week so that today was creation day...

Back doing more bookmarks - Shaped Cards - for Easter & Special Days...
here are my creations - Minus Charms & Embelishments I'm still waiting at the letterbox for.
I ordered stuff back in Feburary and still waiting.....

Bookmarks for markets

Whilst creating new cards for markets I have also been busy making bookmarks these a just a few all hand coloured with copic markers & designed by me....

Mad for Markers March Challenge DT.

Hi everyone. Well I looked at the Date and OMG... Easter is fast approaching. I'm not a Chocaholic but a little white Chocolate now and then doesn't Hurt... My DT Challenge Card Theme. EASTER CARD
Heather Valentine Digi - Maddie and Bunnie - This is the first time I have used her Digi's..... WOW Paper & Embelishments - Forever Markers & Craft Supplies & My hidden stock. La La Crafts Dies - Fence & Grass Border.
Copic Markers Used to create Maddie & Bunnies
Skin - E000, E01, E11 - R20, BV000 Hair - E30,E50,E53,E55,E57 Dress - R32,R22,R00,spica Tights - R32,R22,spica Shoes - E53,spica Cart - E57,E55,E53 spica Wheels - C5,C2,spica Bunnies- N1,N4,Spica Spica - 18,15,02,11,03,12,23,16,08

Very Productive Weekend

Well we only have 27 days till our first every Market Store for Forever Markers & Craft Supplies. I have been busy creating cards & Bookmarks to sell at our Forever Markers Market Stall
(Not to  worry, I will be mentioning the wonderful Digi Designers). Can;t do without them... Kenny K Wee Digi Stamps Saturated Canary Heather Valentine to name a few..... Gourjus
So far I have made 10 Bookmarks need 40 & Made 19 Cards need 50. Hubbie purchase display stands for them to been seen.
I will also have craft supplies on Special Flower Packs hand pick buy me.... They are beautiful. Flower/Bling & Charm.
NO COPICS WILL BE SOLD. Sorry thats the Rules. But I will be able to display my skills I have achieved.
So If your down south come visit!!! I love Coffee & Cherry Ripes & White Chocalate. Below is what I have achieve so far... With a slight Cold still lingering.

Love Jane