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Beyond Sketching - Therapy

Hi All

I will be missing in action for the next month, As  I prepare for Hubbie Michael's  Open Heart Surgery.
My best friend, My Husband my greatest fan. 
His been sick for a while and very tired... His heart is not beating to the love we have had for many years... Looking Fwd to 2017 when I can have my Michael Back full of energy and alive.

So for now, I have been sketching and  zoning out to forget what is going on in my life.  I wont have my sons by my side to hold my hand to wipe my tears, or tell me it will be okay.. my Eldest is overseas my youngest is ignoring my plea.. I need a hug... 

But, I'm there for my best friend...  Always and forever..

The following are sample of my sketches and will be created into Mix Media Art. Coloured today with Mepxy Markers 
One  I will select to be my entry into Shoalhaven International Women's Day... 

Thank you  and keep us in your prays