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My first Bunting Nannymac Creations

Well whilst holidaying down at our haven, I decided to make a Bunting for my craft station. Thanks to Ritzy Blitz @ St George Basin  for the simple idea of Papermania Blank buntings and a few embellishments I purchase down here. All my wonderful Copic Markers I bought with me. My Saturated Canary digi,s prints my favourite....
And a few off the page ideas this is what I created. Today I will string together... And start a new one for my friends birthday coming up....

My Craft Area & Now my Office for 2013.

Well Proudly can say Forever Markers & Craft Supplies is closer to opening its virtual doors.....just around the corner...2013....!!!!

Christmas Cards for Family/friends/neighbours

Well the past 4 days I have been busy creating  cards for my family/friends/Neighbours &
the most important people in my life My Husband Michael & My Mum.
The challenge completed for Christmas 2012 I have used the most beautiful Digi stamps from Saturated Canary... My favorites. Embellishments & Paper stock from Alice in Paperland Copic Markers now close to a full range from Mad for Markers. Alot of Double Sided Tape. glue. and imagination (Thats most important). This is what I created.

To all A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Forever Markers & Craft Supplies UPDATE

Well planning stage has changed... Timing to go live online
Mid January 2013,
ABN number is now thru..
Web site is being created as I write.
Organized account with distributors - check.
Organise stock - check.....
Organise my finances - hum better skip that one.... All my savings has gone into this adventure.....
Organise my offsider who does not know modern technology - use a computer/laptop.  Wow we are nearly ready....

More updates soon.

Scrapbook Boutique December 2012 Challenge

This is my Scrapbook Boutique December 2012 Challenge. I hope I'm lucky this time...

Thank you Scrapbook Boutique Evelyn & DT team for your Customer Service/Support/ encouragement Messages along the way in 2012.
Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year Jane McNally Nannymac Creations & ..Forever Markers & Craft Supplies..

Christmas Card Weekend for Family, Friends & Inlaws

Well This is my first day on Annual Leave, I needed to zone out.. Having had a very productive up & down, high and low week.
Today I began the task of Creating Christmas Cards for Family. Some might get to them after Christmas.. Cannot rely on Australia Post @ Christmas But my timing has been so busy & Productive with other matters & WORK. Others will recieve on Christmas Day.

2013 A New year and a New adventure.

Well in 2012 I began this journey, Scrapbooking all my Grand Daughters Pictures then my Rainbow Teddies Photo's  3 books full. moving into the Additive world of  Copic Markers in July 2012, hence Card making.

 After Painting for many years and then having surgery for removal of the most painful Gangilon on the wrist I gave up painting as repetative moving the hand spurred another lump.

 Copic Markers do  not give me pain, its relaxing, Peaceful,  stress free, dries in seconds does not take up all the room. (My Easel Did) and I enjoy zoning out!  teaching myself Techniques and aquiring digi images from favorite Sites or drawing my own. Creating cards with  a special touch of angel dust. (Forever Jane) suddenly my My imagination goes way beyond the page/card ... I love to Watch the Digi image I'm using come alive by blending and techniques self taught and lesson also experimenting different Copic Marker combinations. 
I love entering challenges  the comments left  by others give …

Birthday Card Orders

Well this is my last order for 2012. Completed in a timely manner. For my Awsome Friend Amela for her Sister.

Prices for 2013
Small Cards $8.00 Large Cards $12.00 (As per Picture Above). Free Postage.

Christmas Card Order 2

Another Christmas Card order for A Girl at Gilbarco Aust for Family Members,  Mother In Law & Son.
I Enjoyed making these...
Using Copic Markers & My Favorite Saturated Canary Digi Images.

A Christmas Story.

Christmas Card Order 1.

I made these for Kellie in memory of her Best Friend Natalie who recently passed  away  30 yrs of age. Natalie is now a Angel  looking down on Kellie, Friends and family  and watching over them.

God bless you Natalie... Forever Jane now has a female to care for her in Heaven.

My Beautiful Family...

Today Teddie & Aiden my Beautiful Grand Children Visited Santa. Teddie not to sure of the Man in the Red Suit & White Beard thats not her Poppa's (She has 3) So Mummy & Daddy were in the Shoot too. So Beautiful my family I love to the moon and back.
Still miss Forever Jane more @ Christmas Time. But I Believe!
I dont need Angel ontop of my Tree. I have one in Heaven Looking down at me.
Thank you forever. Love and miss you Nannymac

90th Birthday Card.

Request from Friends Penny & Pete for a Special Birthday card for Pete's Grandma  Happy Birthday Gladys Williams
Hope you Day is very special surrounded by Family and Friends.

Kris Kringle Card for Mad 4 Markers Challenge.

Kris Kringle -  a gift exchange deriving from the Christkindl tradition
This is my Card I made for Viginia Thompson. Took 5 hours to complete. By the end of the silly Season I will have RED'S Combo & GREEN Combo down pac. Love using my copics, It is a relaxing and enjoyable  Hobbie. Love Saturated Canary... Im close to have collected  all the images. Lol. As for my copic collection I am about 20 off a full set.... Hum who will buy me the last Colours.......????

Card for My daughter In Law to give to her Hubbie

Well Im the mother in law and I came across this Digi that Hubbie and I said It's Erin. Right down to the garter Tattoo...
Well My son Matti's Birthday is 17th December (Forever Jane's Dad) and what a pefect card!!! All Wrapped up.. When the card is folded it ties up in a red Bow - Adults Only......

Christmas Card for Our Boss @ Shell

Gilbarco Shell Team have been busy this year. Working hard to keep All Happy in the Fuel Industry. (SHELL /COLES EXPRESS) Austin (Bossman) Ivan, Jane, Aaron & David. & The help of Branches around Australia WA/SA/VIC/NT/Nth QLD & QLD oh and TAS. I thank them for there patience with the Serial Pain me.... Pushing for works to be completed and Keep all HAPPY... Thank you all.... Truely amazing Team.
This is a card I made for Shane. For his Family For a happy & Safe Christmas & New Year.
Oh Dear and No Copics this time.

Happy Birthday Amela

Today I also want to wish my awsome friend, Amela a beautiful Birthday. She reminds me of a flower -  Got carried away. Although she is the same age as my eldest son, I so wish I had a daughter/son like her. She is kind, thoughtful and a blessing....  Best wishes Amela on your Birthday. From your friends forever Jane & Vicki

Christmas Card Order Request...

I have been really busy this weekend creating cards. Christmas is a time of year when saying thank you to all those who have helped you and your family throughout the year. I have created this card for a work colleague who's daughter has been a rock with the recent illness and surgery, recovery of her husband
Putting my every imaginational (New word) and creating something special. Of course it must have Saturated Canary digi one of my many favorites... and Mad for MarkersThanks Sammi for the quick postage. Delivered on a Saturday. And Alice in Paperland for there last minute supplies.
These are the cards I created in 2 days.... Middle one is For Shane from Shell... and his family from the Gilbarco Shell Team.

30th Aniversary Card Request December 2012

Well I had 2 days to create these cards for a special friend.
No Copic/No digi omg.
So I googled 30th which is pearl and made the cards around pearls.
So outa my comfort zone .... but enjoyed the challenge..