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The East Wind - Challenge #33 Ode to nature

Hi all,

The East Wind - Challenge #33 Ode to nature
Recently runners up on their facebook Challenge  That was truly exciting.  Amazing talented Crafty ladies & Gents out there in Colour world.
I have used The East Wind digital-stamp-aurora-maple-

Using Copic Markers, Stamping & Design Paper 
Thank you in advance for Checking out my blog.

Jane McNally

I am now free from Commitments to Designer &  I now call myself

 "Little miss Freelance".
This week saw the end to Colorist work with a designer I have been with for over a year.
One door closes another one in the future will open, when I'm ready to take on the task, working full time and Running Nannymac Creations & Angelica Soy Candles is a mamoth task & challenge.

It also gives me strength to move out of my comfort zone, A color images that appeal to me and I enjoy.. I have had a lot of bad critics this week of my choice of images I love…

Makes & Creations.

Well I have been so off color this week, Winter has arrived and so has the MAN FLU!!
omg has hit me like a tonne of bricks... 
Still no feeling 100% but crafting can be the best medicine!

Something different today.

The East Wind - Challenge # 32 Dots and stripes

Hum Well,

I like to be different and some styles I like and some designs I adore. My latest creation is from  The East Wind. (Trying my luck again!!) love the Winning Badges I think!.

One of my very farorite images from the collection of Attitude!  The East Wind.
Digital Stamp- 'Lucy Loo' Close up MAC0041
Using my Favorite Medium Copics  BV collection for her hair and Highlighting with BG13/RV10
Placing a negative film screen over the top for Keepsake Collection I then used Kindly Glitz from Kaisercraft to create Diamong sparkle Earings & 3D ring. Strips & Dot Designer Paper from Kaisercraft. Cardstock from Kaisercraft. 

Yours in Craft.

I love LONG Weekends

Queens birthday weekend and beside trying to sleep in - If the body clock allows me!!

I have managed to tidy up my office and zone out to create Makes with Attitude!!

As you all know I love to colour, its therapy to help relax after a very busy week working full time.

I go into a trance state and zone out...

Here are some of the work I have been creating so far.

I would so love to draw line art, but I love working with digital stamps from around the world.

These images are from Designer

Colored with My Favorite Medium Copic Markers.