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Nannymac Craftroom is now open for buisness..... Personal.
We have finally been able to track down and tie down  Cabinet maker Greg  to put this together for Michael & I. (Hubbiw is still not allowed to do ANYTHING..
Now I can have everything at my finger tips & can invite my friends along for a scrap day.. The table seats 4 comfortabley.
Thank you papercraft Festival 2012. Now I need to enter a Air Conditioning Competion.... Hum Comfort....

Christmas Candy Time @ Zoes Craft Blog


Gilbarco Mo Men Auction.

The super guys I work with have been growing some kind of Mo for Movember. Actually this year they are doing well. My donation this year being a mo-sister in support of my biggest FAN. My Husband Michael I have made some christmas cards to be auction from Monday 26th till friday 30th November ALL proceeds will go towards Gilbarco mo men Team. Thanks guys Ivan, David & Tim and all those I see with a bit of shadow under there nose. These will be auction in a pack of 6 Completed & Pack.....

Nannymac Creations Inspired by Our Angel "Forever Jane": Mad For Markers November Challenge Y-YR

Nannymac Creations Inspired by Our Angel "Forever Jane": Mad For Markers November Challenge Y-YR: Hello In all the rushing around with hubbie in hospital I had some ME time.. Therapy as I call it. Mad for Markers Challenge using Y-YR. ...

Scrapbook Boutique November Challenge

This is my Entry for Scrapbook Boutique November Sketch/Picture Challenge 2012
I don't Need a Angel ontop of my tree. I have one in Heaven Looking down at me... Forever Jane Niemkiewicz RIP

Thank You Card

Recently My Husband went through a very traumatic time for a Male. Prostate Cancer was detected in October 2012. Within 1 Month he was operated on to Remove the Prostate. Lucky the Cancer was Localised to that area. Radical Prosectomy.... He is now Finally off the cathered and trying to cope with the recovery drawbacks from this surgery. So supportive I am.. I have moved rooms. Just to give him space/Time to heal..
The Sister at the hospital has been a ray of sunshine throughout his time so he asked me to make a special card for her.
My favorite "Saturate Canary" Digi Stamp used. ..Copic Combination.. Hair: 100, C7,C5. Repeat blend with C5 Skin: E000,E01, BV000. (BV000 is the shadow for surround face/neck/nose). My hubbie wanted blue because she wears a blue uniform?? Clothes: B21,B32,B34, Repeat and blend with B21. Shoes: 100, C7,C5. Repeat blend with C5. Spica: Baby Blue. Paper: Craftonline. Copic: Mad for Markers. Flowers & Bling from Papercraft Festival Penrith 201…

Scrapbook Supplies Online November Card Sketch

This is my Entry to Scrapbook Supplies Online November Card Sketch Using my Favorite "Saturated Canary Image Winie" My Many Copic Markers & Embelishments from Stores @ Papercraft Festival Penrith I Purchased. A Imagination of reality..... A Challenge.

Teddie Louise Birthday Invitations

OMG I set a Challenge Here!!! On myself....
If you want invitations Hand made by me. I have a I CAN DO anything attitude... But give me like a month in advance to complete.. Thanks to my hubbie who is a perfect corner person.

My Last Page of Forever Jane's Journey my gift from the heart to her. Thank you

To Know you is to LOVE you. 

Teddie Louise Sketch Callenge for Scrapbook Warehouse

This is a Sketch Callenge I did for Scrapbook Warehouse. I WON...... It was all about Our Teddie and how warm and cuddly she is. This is our Munchkin Who loves Glass Doors Crack me up, but I love the pic!!!!

Forever Jane Niemkiewicz Scrapbook Pages

This is one of the first Scrapbook Pages I did for one of my first Challenge entries back in July 2012 Our Beautiful Adorable "Forever Jane" RIP

Me Nannymac

With all the craft and Colouring I do. I have caused strain on my eyes. Christmas list a Light box with Natural Light would be perfect!!! This is me with My Copic Take T Shirt from America. I love the colour and how perfect the little Koala Bear.. Represent Home Australia PS. I'm Not that fat Its the T Shirt.....xxxl. lol.

Have a Great Trip

My very good friend is off to his homeland for a visit .Going to miss his cheery voice every morning!!! His prays and blessing and friendship has been a light... Thank you.... Remember Mandar!! Travel Turns all the fairytales & Stories into reality look forward to hearing all on your return. God Bless you.

Birthday Card Request November 2012

Was asked to do a birthday card. Copic Markers used. Tim Holtz Detress Inks. Digi Stamp: Bird Lady.

Experimenting with Multiple Colour Copic Markers

This is a card I just created experimenting with mutiple copic colours and blending.
Saturated Canary Digi - Just love them all.
Oh yes and my first Nose job....

Crafty Crop Challenge September 2012

I also Love Scrapbook Challenges. This one is My Husband Michael & Me on our Wedding day. I Did this for Crafty Crops was not a winner but in my Husband Michaels eyes I was.
Full of Love back then and still Now.

Teddie Louise First Birthday Card

It was great to complete a Challenge for Mad for Markers. As my creation also became my Grandaughters first Birthday Card from Nannymac and Pa.
Copic Markers & Spica used...

Now to make her Bunting: - ITS ALL ABOUT TEDDIE LOUISE before Sunday.


Wedding Card Hand Designed

I was asked to make a Wedding Card for my very good friend Amela The Couple Alma & Samir.
I hope she loves/likes the creation.


Mad For Markers November Challenge Y-YR


In all the rushing around with hubbie in hospital I had some ME time.. Therapy as I call it.
Mad for Markers Challenge using Y-YR.
Well With my Rainbow Grandaughters 1st Birthday I create a special card for her.
As you know I love "Saturated Canary" So this time I've used THANK YOU. A cute little girl reminds me of our little ray of Sunshine. Turning 1. Well what a year, She is the sunshine of Michael & my life, What we wished for... As Granparents. I remember cleary our Daughter in law Erin ringing to say Teddie has done her first Poo.. You would of thought I was crazy to hear that!!! But to me those 9 months of hoping for a very healthy baby after losing Forever Jane.... Those words were GOLD... I'm so in love with Teddie and now she is close to 1.. 19/11 looking forward to her birthday party (Hubbie cant go, but I sure will be). I am so proud to be a Grandma - Nannymac came back on the 19/11.
I still love my first Grandchild that love will never fade…

Get Well Card for my husband. Michael McNally

Well its been a tuff few months in my household. My husband, Best Friend of neary 20 years was recently diagnose with Prostate Cancer, This shattered me & Him. Well Sunday 11/11/2012 Michael was operated on and had a full Removal of the prostate. Each day is a new day and We now believe this was the best decision to do a Radical Prosectomy even though the recovery is a little bit longer and the complications and inside need to repair all is going well. I miss him at home, My craft is like therapy taking me away from reality. Here is a Card I made just for him.

Scrapbook Stamp Society Chantilly Lace Challenge

This is my first Christmas Card (Yes my first)..
With Besty Bighead some of the digi's I have recently won....
Jane McNally

Nannymac Creations Inspired by Our Angel "Forever Jane": Saturated Canary Copic...

Nannymac Creations Inspired by Our Angel "Forever Jane": Saturated Canary Copic...: Saturated Canary "FairyTale" Princess November 2012

Saturated Canary Copic...

Saturated Canary "FairyTale" Princess November 2012 Challenge #30.

I love the way I was able to learn new techniques, colour combinations with my Copic Markers. Enjoyed this Challenge and it was when I was coping with the BIGGEST challenge My husband being ill.

Scrapbook Supplies online Winner September Card Challenge

Winner Card Sketch Challenge SEPTEMBER 2012

Paper Craft Festival 2012 Penrith NSW

Friday 2/11 I had a RDO a me day and attended the Paper Craft Festival @ Penrith NSW.
It was a great morning with my Hubbie in tow (He was free).. Updated my copic collection and saw some amazing craft and craft ideas for future projects. I also bought a few items for my now big collection of Ribbon.Embelishments to make Lovely cards for Family, Friends and maybe one day soon join a market group. One day !!!! Im a dreamer.
On Saturday night my hubbie came home from work and said why dont you go back to the craft Festival tomorrow and enjoy a day by7 yourself.. That was fate!!!!
I returned on sunday and filled in another lucky door prize ticket and place in the barrel. Ha yeh right I wont win.....
I enjoyed more craft Ideas more items to store away for future creations.
Came home and within 2 hours recieved a call from Papercraft Festival Management!!! I WON.....
My hubbies words were beautiful - Could not of gone to a more deserving person. So sweet my number 1 fan.
Mad for Mark…