My Week!!!!!!

Well the past week has come and gone... Been Very eventful in this household...
I somehow - No idea had the worst Panic Attack!!!!

Day started out perfect!!! Great Sleep, no barking dogs through the night, no snoring husband!!! wonderful.
Dressed went to work and my morning was perfect!
Then all of a sudden I had trouble breathing/pains in chest and thought!! OMG.

Im not one for a audience so I quickly excused myself from work saying I felt ill.. and drove home!!! worst mistake!!! I arrived home and the pain was sickening!!! rang hubbie who was 3 hours away. He said just go lie down and it should past! lol no I passed out instead!!! I tried again to ring him!!! when I came through to  say think I need a ambulance and he was hum.... mowing the lawn. no answer!!! I called the ambulance myself! sitting on the floor in my hallway wondering WTF is going on...

Well off I went in the ambulance, no family just me!! and 2 sweet ambulance attendants who calm me down and then the hospital staff were amazing!!! comforting to know that I was now being taken care of and feeling a bit better... but that horrible feeling was coming and going and coming and going. Tears cause I thought I was having a Heart Attack and I had not said Goodbye to my family....

Well all is clear and as I said I had a Panic Attack made worst that I tried to contain it myself without help.
Never Doubt!!! Never Drive whilst ill, and never knock back help...

Ive rested for 2 days - just crafting and getting myself back to normal me.. I few things have truely pissed me off in the past week and spose that might Have contributed to it..  Also the need of a holiday!!!!! I think and my first ever Market stall is all ready set lets go....

Panic Attacks are not a mental status... It can happen to anyone anytime, Stress is a main factor!!! But I was not stressed. was not worried about anything... as I said. Can happen to anyone.



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