A New Challenge.... COPIC CANDLES

Well its been around for a long time, but I first new about this Technique at Standard Certification...
Hum thought I'd try and create this little master piece start to get a bit daring with the heat gun!!!

I have seen past blogs with how to and now its my turn!!!

Well to create these Candles your ingredients will be:

White Tissue Paper
Grease Proof Paper
Your trustly Heat Gun....
Copic Markers
Your Favorite Image Stamp or Digi. (I will get to that).
and paitence.....

Firstly you will need to stamp your image on Tissue paper using
Memento Ink Only Ink to use with Copic.
Be daring like me!!! and use one of your many digi's

I taped Tissue paper to A4 Cardstock and feed it through my printer. Ironing out the creased first.
make sure your digi is not lined at the top more to the middle of the tissue paper. for perfect results.
I played with this method a few times.

then colour your image please ensure you are using your backing board. as the ink will seep through..
No need to blend.
Use Bright colours as it fades in the bleeding through the tissue paper.
Skin I used E50,E21.
Cheeks - R30
Hair - Differs as there is no blending browns perfect/Blacks/Greys play with it.

once you have completed the above
this is the tricky part!!!

Cut your image out safely as tissue paper wet can tear.
around the outer edge leaving a bit of white from the tissue.

turn the image over so the colour bit is facing the candle.
wrap grease proof paper around the candle scrunching the back so you have a tight firm grip in your hand.
with your other hand hold the Heat gun 10 - 15cm away from the image on candle.
wave the heat gun around the image playing with the settings don't let it get close or it will melt the candle.

once you see a difference in the colour and movement of the grease proof paper.
Its ready - only takes a few minutes...

There you go decorate and Show it off!!!!

Digi Image Proudly using Sherri Baldy...... Easter. There is a Bunny as well 

Digi Images are the newest little Besties in town from Sherri Baldy.
you will find her collection

They are extrememly beautiful.


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