The East Wind - Facebook Contest #26 - I've Been Framed! March 2016

The East Wind Facebook Contest #26 - I've Been Framed!
March 21 – April 17

Well I'm a bit under the weather atm and perfect to chill out relax and unwind and forget about PAIN.

I have a bowel Disease which effects millions of people in the world

Mine is acute and sudden no warning signs

diverticular disease

  1. a condition in which muscle spasm in the colon (lower intestine) in the presence of diverticulitis causes abdominal pain and disturbance of bowel function without inflammation.
It only flares up occasionally but when it does it is horrid.

No cure just deal with it!! and all the yummy pleasures in life
I live without..

I think crafting is a way of forgetting your troubles.

Here is my creation made from the heart for
The East Wind Facebook Challenge #26

Cheers and Have a great day all


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