Great New Creations and Idea's This week..

Hi all,

Well I have been a busy bee....

Moving south and setting up has started to settle... Ready now for the BIG Reno.... New Bathroom, Kitchen & Bedroom, Dinning/family... Big Shed for the old man and the I can finally move into a bigger space to create... 

Still missing a lot from Sydney Friends, Family and my old Work... Omg... Yes I miss work... but I have now managed to make Gozleme by myself. An I think it taste much better then when I use to buy it for lunch...  Now I'm not homesick for Gozleme...

Well this week I have been preparing cards for Budawang "Little Piece of Heaven on Earth".. As last month was a GREAT Sellers Month for me..

From Basic to Designer Cards I have been using my imagination, Colouring Heaps and then creating different styles.

I have joined a Card Class down here - Yes I'm a learner Omg my canvas work is usually done by my cutters but this is completely Handmade....
Cutting everything by hand, measuring size... lol what a challenge. But I'm loving it!!! Mostly because I get out!!! Meet lovely ladies and have a fantastic Teacher Bronwyn who has so much patience with my slow snail pace...

Here are some of the wonderful creation (I think they are) I have made this week.

Ciao Jane.

Swing Card



Sweet Fairy

Cards I made at Class Today

My Sons & His girlfriends Card

House Congrates Card.

another Fairy Card.


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