Getting ready for Card Overload...weekend.


Have not update blog lately... Oh dear finally got to spend quality time with my grand children and loved every minute, but gee I need to get fit to keep up with ms 2... Her mummy needs a medal... She has done a marvellous job looking after them.... Teddie and I spent some long overdue time together. But now wondering how they are... Communication issues with a split family... I'm not involved... But my god I feel left out... I want to be the best part of there lives...
Teddie did take 107 selflies photos so cute....

Well I'm now back into my favorite pastime, card making... Preparing beautiful lots of imagination and a bit of sparkle cards for Winston Heights public school fair.... Need at least 30 of different reasons to sell. Here are just a few with added close ups for Your mojo ideas.


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