A Letter to my grand daughter Forever Jane Niemkiewicz 3rd Year in Heaven.

 Forever Jane

Well Its been 3 years since I last held you in my arms, I will never ever forget that day. The morning of your passing I held you tight and prayed omg I prayed to my dad & to god please to take care of you from this day forward. You were everything to me. I was so excited to finally become a Grandma to a little baby girl (Having your daddy and his big brother) for all those years surrounded by males... You were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen your beautiful dark curly hair like daddies and so cute. So much of your daddy was within you. To have you named after me was very special. You struggled to stay with use from the time you were born and you managed to last those 22 days. Each day was a gift of your breathe to cuddle and read to you, you always open your eyes as I read The lion King. (I cannot read that book now Forever, It makes me cry real tears).
So Pa and I have put the book away for safe keeping.
I miss you, I wonder what you would be like now! like your daddy I think your features were so Matti.
You were a message to us and yes you continue to be part of our lives. Everything I do reminds me of you each and every day... My creations are a gift from you, many times I have come close to giving up, but somehow there is a light and you guide me back....
Love you to the moon and back today and always

Celebration of life  Forever Jane 28/6/2010 - 20/7/2010

Your Grandma Nannymac


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